Our Campaign

We believe that education, constant electricity supply, quality health care system, good governance, security of lives and properties, housing, food security, equal opportunity for all etc., for everyone in Africa is not only possible, but absolutely necessary. We also, believe it is not just the responsibility of government but also the responsibility of every patriotic African to partake in the business of developing Africa but then, there is a challenge…

The challenge (as we see it)

What goes through your mind when you hear the word Africa? Poverty, communal conflicts, corruption?

Our continent is facing myriad of challenges but the issue of unemployment and lack of quality education is of topmost priority to us as an organization because we believe governments do not have what it takes to sufficiently invest in youths. An Increased labor force with no employment opportunities contributes to lower family income with many dependents, crime due to joblessness and a host of other social issues.

The solution (Our Approach)

None of Africa’s problems is beyond the means and resources within the continent. What we lack is proper policy making and implementation by the political class, excellent leadership and a complete reorientation for each African to know that we can all make a difference wherever we find ourselves.

Recognizing the power of a self-empowered individual, we wondered how we may be able to support most of our unemployed youths across Africa. This led us to create a unique system that strategically educates, inform and provides income-generating opportunities for members of community.

To further drive our cause, we acknowledge the existence of many more innovative, entrepreneurial, social and tech driven solutions to most of the challenges mentioned above that are designed to provide self-sustaining opportunities to the growing labor force in Africa; which is why we have elected to collaborate and support any credible non-governmental organization in Africa

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Enriching lives, supporting individuals and helping communities thrive is not just a moral obligation for us, it is a fundamental part of who we are