i-Empower Africa is about Self-discovery Self-empowerment Life Mastery Financial Intelligence Wealth Creation Leadership Knowledge Empowering Humanity Transforming Communities

We believe everyone should be enlightened enough to create wealth, empower the people they believe in and be a blessing to their community

Our Approach

These are three active components that we leverage on to form a united force towards achieving our set goals.


We strongly believe that education, personal development and mentorship are keys to success and it is this thinking that has been the driving force behind every successful member of our community..


One cannot deny the importance of money because it is one of the most necessary things that we require to survive as humans. We believe that a financially empowered individual is of more value to his or her community than one who is not and that is why we created a powerful system that rewards members of our community financially.


We believe that collaborating and working as a community of individuals with a singular vision will allow us to accomplish more, faster and better for mother Africa than chipping away individually. This is the core reason why i-Empower Africa was created

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